Bespoke Manufacture

If you require garments built from scratch to your specification/pattern, this will require bespoke production (eg. a tracksuit made to your specific fit/style/fabric). For print, embroidery, relabelling and standard wholesale clothing garments, bespoke production is not required.

With the bespoke manufacture of garments we generally have a minimum order of 5000+ units. We are not able to build products bespoke to your specification on any quantity lower than this.

If you’re looking for this kind of volume, please let us know your budget for this project, so we can ensure this is the right process for you and can be done within your budget.

If you’re looking to order less than 5000 garments at a time, then our Online Shop is where you need to head. We have over 17,000+ product options available, the vast majority of which can be custom printed or embroidered with no minimum order. We additionally hold the most comprehensive range of sustainable and organic wholesale clothing in Europe. If you can’t find what you need, or need a helping hand in selecting the right product you can request a quote here.

If you require relabelling or other finishing touches on your order, to give that bespoke feel, then head over to our relabelling page here to see the available options.

Where small production runs are required, off-the-shelf products like those found in our Online shop are generally the best option. This is an option often utilised by small and large brands alike, helping to minimise the need for huge order volumes that are only really suitable for extremely large retail orders.

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