Can I preview my embroidery before it’s applied to the garments?

While we can provide digital mockups for your approval, we’re not able to provide an accurate preview of the embroidery itself.

Digitising is the first step in getting your artwork ready for embroidery. This process transforms your artwork into embroidery-friendly instructions and gives us an on-screen output. However, even this doesn’t provide a complete picture as the fabric adds a crucial layer of complexity. Unlike a screen, fabrics hold distinct textures, thicknesses, and unique interactions with different stitches. Dense details, particularly fine lines can become tangled, resulting in blurred lines or design elements disappearing altogether.

What is the solution?

This is where “sampling” is really helpful, as it allows us to get a true picture of what the design will come out like. Sampling allows us to ensure your design works as an embroidery in the way you require it.

If sampling isn’t possible, then simplification is the best option. This ensures you’re able to control the design elements that are simplified, retained or lost, rather than being at the mercy of the embroidery machine and the fabric. Simplifying doesn’t have to mean compromising on your design or vision, it’s about finding the balance between your design and the technical realities of embroidery.

If there is no scope to simplify the design or sample it, print would be the next best option. With print, we don’t have to factor in the complexities of thread and its interaction with the fabric.

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