What Size Should I have My Artwork

Unsure on what size to have your artwork printed or embroidered on your garments?
While we do have recommended sizes, the size of your logo is quite personal/subjective. Some want something small and subtle, others want their logo to be seen from far away.

Here are some top tips:

  • Use paper – Either print your logo out at a few different sizes onto paper, or just cut up blank paper. Position it on a t-shirt in the place you’d like it printed/embroidered, and keep adjusting until you’re happy. Once you’re happy measure the paper, and you’ll know the size needed.
  • Use a ruler – It sounds simple, but it works. Just measure on a t-shirt the coverage you’d like, and hey presto, you know the size you need it.


Our standard recommendations:

Large Logo / Design – For large print coverage (eg. big print across the chest of a t-shirt) we recommend having your design 297mm wide. This print size will fit on most adult t-shirts both male and female, making it a good go-to size. We print most large prints at this size.
We wouldn’t suggest having embroidery this big, as it’ll feel super heavy.

Small Logo / Design – If it’s a small subtle left breast print/embroidery or similar, 70-100mm is generally a good size to have your design. Simple designs will allow for 70mm width, but those with more intricate elements may need to go as large as 100mm to ensure the design comes out clearly.

Please submit all design work at the size you’d like it and follow our Artwork Guide.

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