What are the Lead Times?

Due to the Christmas rush, we generally advise allowing 14-21 working days lead time for custom orders. And 3-5 working days for blank products. If you have a deadline, please let us know in your order notes (or inform your account manager if you place your order via email), so we can ensure it can be met.

Please find approximate lead times for each of our processes below.

Printing & Embroidery – 14-21 working days standard delivery (please get in touch for express delivery)
Blank Garments – 3-5 working days (dependent upon stock levels.) For our Fairtrade certified products please allow 7-10 working days.
Bespoke Manufacture – 4-8 weeks
Garment Finishing – 4-6 weeks

Express options are sometimes available depending on current capacity. Please get in touch if express delivery is required.

The fastest way to place an order is via our Online Shop. These orders are generally processed faster than manual orders, as we get all of your order information faster and in one go. 

Your order is only added to the production queue once your order has been paid for and/or once a Job Sheet/Digital Mockup/Artwork has been approved (if required). Please note the Job Sheet/Digital Mockup can take 1-2 days to produce; please account for this time.


Why are your lead times so long?

There are a few factors that result in our lead times being slightly longer than others, however, we believe that these factors allow us to remain among the best, if you’re needing quality products.

1) We strive to get things right first time

Unlike others, we don’t send orders straight to print. Every order is checked over by a graphic designer and print expert. Ensuring that if the artwork isn’t optimal for print/embroidery, the appropriate adjustments can be made before anything goes to production.

We have multiple quality checks, across our supply chain, to ensure everything is to your expectations. It takes us a bit longer than those who just print and ship, but it helps ensure better quality.

2) People and the planet are everything 

We don’t hold excessive stock levels and operate using a just-in-time manufacturing process. This ensures that we’re only holding & printing the stock we need at any given time. Nothing goes to waste, and we’re able to minimise our carbon footprint significantly. 

3) We keep things fair

Despite having the capacity to print & embroider over 5000+ garments a day, we’re fortunate to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers, to some of the biggest and best brands. This means we typically have a lot of orders being produced at any given time.

To keep things fair, we have a production queue. This is the number of jobs scheduled into the production schedule. Every order that is placed is added onto the end of the production queue, the queue is generally several days long. This method helps ensure a totally fair way of scheduling and ensures that if a big order is placed by another customer after your order they won’t be prioritised over you no matter how big or small your order is. It’s for this reason even small orders can take some time.



Please note, we cannot reserve production slots or stock until your order is paid for and your Production Sheet/Digital Mockup has been approved (if ordering online a Job Sheet approval is not required). As a wholesale supplier we sell in large volumes so stock outs can happen. Restocks normally occur regularly, however, we suggest allocating extra time to cater for this if adhering to a strict deadline, or specific quantities.

Account managers do not have full access to the production schedule, and therefore can only provide an estimated lead time, until the order is placed/approved.

Please note we cannot be held accountable for any delays due to artwork not being in the correct format. Any delays due to artwork not being provided is the client’s responsibility. You’ll find our artwork guide here.

Lead times are based on shipping to a UK address. International deliveries may take longer.

Lead times can vary depending on:

  • The size of your order
  • The type of products you have ordered
  • The volume of orders we currently have

If you have any concerns about meeting your deadline, please get in touch.

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