Just In Time Production at A.M. Custom Clothing

We operate using a Just In Time (JIT) production model. This model was pioneered by large Japanese manufacturers and remains one of the most effective ways to meet demand while reducing delays and our environmental footprint. Because of these reasons, it’s used right across the print industry.

JIT for us, means that the majority of our stock is only ordered in from manufacturers and distributors when needed and not before.

This enables all of our production facilities to have access to millions of items of stock at any given time without having the huge environmental impact that would come with multiple sites warehousing this volume and shipping things unnecessarily. Most of these items can be delivered to our production facilities in as little as 24 hours.

This gives us and our clients a huge advantage over any supplier only carrying their own comparatively small amounts of stock, as our supplier/manufacturer network is one of the largest in the UK and Europe.

This also means there is almost zero wastage, as we only ship what is needed, meaning no surplus inventory going to waste, unlike in retail where millions of unsold items end up in landfill year on year.

Due to the JIT production system we operate under, we typically don’t reserve the stock for your order until your order has been placed either in our online shop, or for bulk orders when your digital mockup has been approved.

It’s only after this that we reserve the stock for you. This protects you, as it ensures if you’re not happy with your digital mockup you are able to easily cancel your order without being tied to stock. It also means more reliable stock levels – as no single customer can sit on large reserves of stock for extended periods.

In most instances, if stock is not available or is delayed in transit to us, our vast supplier/manufacturer network allows us to be able to provide alternative stock options, and our JIT model ensures the flexibility to swap a part or the entire order over to an alternative.

We believe JIT allows us to be more effective than those storing their own stock on hand and offers far greater reliability and flexibility to our customers. Alongside a significantly smaller environmental footprint.

We will always get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity where there are stock issues.

For those who do require a specific product model with less flexibility, we offer a fulfilment service where you can buy stock blank or printed and store it within one of our fulfilment centres. This can then be shipped when needed, worldwide.

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