Brexit and EU Shipping

Can you deliver products to the EU?

Yes, we can! Whether you’re based in the EU, or simply need products shipping to your EU based staff or customers, we can help.


Will I have to pay a customs fee or an import tax on products shipped to the EU?

This depends on the country your order is being sent to and the value of your order. 

Most countries have a customs threshold – so if your order is higher than the threshold in the delivery country, a tax and/or handling fee is added. This fee varies depending on your country and the value of your order. If you are required to pay a fee, it may result in your order costing around 20% extra (exact rates may vary), with the fees generally being €30 upwards. 

You will also likely have to pay VAT (sales tax) at your local rate when your parcel arrives in the EU. 

With this in mind, please check with your tax and imports office before placing your order to see if this affects you.


What happens to my order when it arrives in the EU?

Your order will be held at the relevant customs office and you will be contacted by our courier to pay any import duties that are due. Only once the fees have been paid will your order be released. If you do not pay the fees quickly enough your order may be shipped back to us and we’ll have to charge a fee to resend it. 

Please ensure any phone numbers or email addresses provided at the point of ordering are monitored to ensure you do not miss a request for payment of the fees. 

We use a variety of courier services across the EU to ensure you get the best shipping price, if you’re unsure on which courier will be getting in touch with you, please ask one of our customer support staff.


Will my order be delayed if I’m in the EU?

While we do everything we can to ensure customers orders arrive as swiftly as possible, right now we are seeing an increasing number of orders being held up at customs. As a result, it is quite likely your order will be delayed if being delivered in the EU. 

We recommend allowing extra time for your order to arrive if shipping to the EU to avoid disappointment or deadlines being missed.


Can you produce my order in the EU?

We do have facilities in the EU, however, not all of the products and print methods we offer are currently available in the EU and the bulk of our manufacture is undertaken here in the UK. 

If you do wish for your order to be produced in the EU, please get in touch ahead of placing your order to ensure your desired products and the production methods required are available at our European based facilities.

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