Startup Fashion Brand Relabelling Guide

So you’ve read our help centre article “Why We Don’t Offer Relabelling & Why You Should Use an Expert“, and have decided printing your logo into the neck (or externally to the nape for optimal brand exposure) is the best option for you. However, you’re wanting a product that doesn’t have […]

What Size Should I have My Artwork

Unsure on what size to have your artwork printed or embroidered on your garments? While we do have recommended sizes, the size of your logo is quite personal/subjective. Some want something small and subtle, others want their logo to be seen from far away. Here are some top tips: Use […]

Quoting on small orders – how it works

Before our Online Shop we had to implement a minimum order of 25 products across the board; because it simply wasn’t economical to quote, produce and manage orders of less than this, while keeping our prices as low as they are. We tried it, and it didn’t work. Our Online […]

Can I Supply My Own Garments

Unfortunately we do not accept customers own garments. We only allow the customisation of products purchased through us. The only exception to this is with trade customers (print / embroidery companies) & established brands. The main reason for this is to make sure that any garments we decorate are suitable […]

Transparency in DTG files

“Transparent” is where the opacity is lower than 100%. Transparent files can cause issues when printing. When printing unfortunately we are unable to print ‘transparencies’ onto coloured garments.  No printer can print transparent colours because all inks/dyes are concentrated pigments as opposed to diluted pigments. In turn this means the […]

Sublimation Printing – Sleeve Design

Our dye sublimation t-shirts are constructed, and then generally printed on flat print beds post construction. This means that the design on the sleeves needs to be the same as the design on the body; with the design on the body flowing onto the sleeves. Lets say we start with […]

Print Queue

You’ll may sometimes hear our team talk about a ‘print queue’, which for those of you not in the print industry, likely doesn’t mean much. The print queue is the number of print jobs scheduled into the production schedule. We run a continuous schedule so for the best part the […]