What is our Price Match Promise?

Products from A.M. Custom Clothing are ethically and environmentally sustainable, you can be assured of this because of independent accreditation. But we also promise to help you and your business be financially sustainable, with the A.M. Price Match Promise. With it A.M. Custom Clothing will attempt to match, or even […]

Online Orders – Artwork Checklist

Don’t worry, every order is checked by a graphic designer and print expert before it goes to print. However, we’re able to process your order much faster if the artwork is formatted correctly the first time around. Below you’ll find 5 steps to ensure your artwork is print ready:   […]

How to convert text to outlines

When printing onto clothing, some decoration processes require vector graphics. Vector graphics are especially important for Vinyl Printing, Digital Transfer Printing and screen printing. To ensure that the correct font is printed, it is vital to convert text to outlines in your vector graphic. What does converting text to outlines […]

Starting a Clothing Brand FAQ’s

It’s great to hear you’re looking to take the first steps into the world of running a fashion business. It’s an exciting time, so you likely have a lot of questions. We’ve worked with a lot of people in your position before, so we’ve answered some of the frequently asked […]

Just In Time Production at A.M. Custom Clothing

We operate using a Just In Time (JIT) production model. This model was pioneered by large Japanese manufacturers and remains one of the most effective ways to meet demand while reducing delays and our environmental footprint. Because of these reasons, it’s used right across the print industry. JIT for us, means that the majority of our […]

Is DTG Printing Durable

If done right, and using the best machinery, DTG printing can be very durable. The image below on the left was taken straight after the T-shirt was printed. The image on the right is a photo of the same T-shirt taken over a year later (after being worn and washed […]

Brexit and EU Shipping

Can you deliver products to the EU? Yes, we can! Whether you’re based in the EU, or simply need products shipping to your EU based staff or customers, we can help.   Will I have to pay a customs fee or an import tax on products shipped to the EU? […]