What is our Price Match Promise?

Products from A.M. Custom Clothing are ethically and environmentally sustainable, you can be assured of this because of independent accreditation. But we also promise to help you and your business be financially sustainable, with the A.M. Price Match Promise.

With it A.M. Custom Clothing will attempt to match, or even beat any genuine like-for-like quotation.

It’s really simple, here’s how it works:

  • Request a quote¬†from us
  • If you have a genuine quote for like-for-like products/services, then let us know
  • We will attempt to match or even beat it, and update your quote accordingly

That’s it!

With the A.M. Price Match Promise, we cover all three areas of sustainability in the triple bottom line: protecting the environment, the lives of the people in our supply chain, and your bank balance.

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