Reasons Why We Can’t Match All Quotes/Suppliers

Unfortunately we’re not able to match or beat some competing quotes.

While we believe we offer great value, sometimes competitors are able to price lower than us, this can be a result of a few of the following factors:

– All of our employees are paid fairly and we are an accredited Living Wage Employer. However, this isn’t always the case, a number of textile companies in the UK continue to pay workers less than half the minimum wage read more here and here. A HM Revenue & Customs investigation (2019) investigating 93 textile industry employers (since 2012/2013) revealed that exploitation in the industry here in the UK was still rife. They found underpayment in roughly 1 in every 4 investigations opened.

– We use the highest grade inks and threads during production, ensuring vibrant durable prints and embroidery.

Quality all comes down to the machinery you use. We use some of the most advanced print and embroidery technology available in Europe (we’re not able to compete with those running a manual setup from their home – our overheads and machinery don’t allow for this). Additionally, all of our staff are seasoned experts in their fields.

– There are often other factors such as lower quality products – be sure to check the product codes on our quote are the same as the competitors, as it may be that they’re quoting you on an inferior product.

If you’ve been quoted a price that is a lot cheaper than anywhere else, the odds are a corner is being cut somewhere along the supply chain. In some instances this isn’t the case, but it’s always worth asking how the supplier is able to get that lower price, especially if the exact same product somewhere else is more expensive. You can read more about this topic here.

If you would like to proceed with your original quote from us, just let us know.
If you no longer wish to proceed with the original quote, that’s absolutely fine, although please don’t hesitate to let us quote you again on your next job.

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