Marks, Stains, blemishes and fluff on products 

While we do everything we can to ensure every product arrives in pristine condition, including rigorous quality control, in some rare cases you may find small marks on your products. Read on for more information.

As a sustainable company, we try to avoid the use of plastic where possible and our manufacturers do the same. As a result, keeping something like a white T-shirt perfectly pristine when travelling through multiple factories and machines both internationally and in the UK is a challenge. It’s hard to believe, but, we even find that marks can come off the inside of the boxes products are shipped in.
While large stains and marks are generally unacceptable, very small blemishes to the fabric are unfortunately unavoidable. This is particularly the case with white items. This is the same anywhere unless plastic bags are used across the entire supply chain to keep the items protected at all times. And even then with the number of hands and machines a garment touches before it reaches the end-user there is still a chance of small marks or blemishes.
This is less of an issue on coloured items, where small marks are far less noticeable.
We supply a number of luxury brands stocked in high-end retail stores, that are exposed to the exact same problems. As a result of this industry-wide problem, there is an entire industry called pre-retail processing, where companies like this one offer spot cleaning, steaming and other services to large retailers who face these exact same issues. With this in mind, it’s important to understand this is a perfectly normal part of clothing production and is the industry standard.

Loose Threads

In some instances, you may find a rogue loose thread on your products. Firstly, don’t panic. Often, what looks like a loose thread is actually just a bit of excess thread that can easily be removed from the garment by hand, and has no impact on the integrity of the product.

It’s only normally a problem when the thread has come away from the product, resulting in the item no longer being stitched together. At this point, the integrity of the garment is compromised. If you have this problem on a product within your order, please get in touch with us.

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