Relabelling Minimum Order Quantity

We have a couple of options available for relabelling garments, they are as follows:

Woven labels: This is ideal for those that want all manufacturer labelling removed and their own branded labelling inside the products. We have a minimum order of 500 labels, although we are able to stitch these into your products in batches of 25 at a time (so you do not need to commit to the purchase of 500 garments at one time). These minimum order volumes cannot be reduced. We charge for the labels themselves and will additionally charge a stitching fee for each label sewn into the products, on top of the cost of the labels. If you don’t use all 500 labels we’re happy to store the rest for you until your next order.

Please note, on some garments the manufacturers label also has the garment size, if this label is removed we will also need to charge for size tabs and the application of these. We have a minimum order of 100 size tabs (can also be applied to 25 garments at a time).

Printed Labelling: For smaller order volumes, we are able to print your branding into the inside of the neck. In most cases this is only possible on t-shirts, as the inside of jumpers and hoodies are not suitable for printing.

If you require existing manufacturers woven labels removing, including size tabs, you will need to let your account manager know the quantity breakdown (including sizes), before they will be able to provide you with a quote.

Most products will come with manufacturers labelling and branding within them. This is NOT removed as standard. If you require this removing please let us know.

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