Organic Stanley & Stella Clothing – Relabelling

Stanley & Stella garments are great for relabelling and making your own; as in the neck area there is just a size label and nothing else, so your can print your logo (onto t-shirts only), add woven labels or just leave it blank.

However, these garments aren’t completely white label. On the inside hem there is a label with care instructions, as well as the ethical/environmental certifications. This label does reference Stanley & Stella the manufacturer, as it is them who are certified, as opposed to the end user/retailer. If you want to display the GOTS certification and other certifications inside the product, you’ll need to keep this labelling.
Please note that consumers and retailers cannot buy from Stanley and Stella, so there is no need to worry about anyone going direct, if anything it just provides transparency that you’re working with some of the best manufacturers.

If you would like the garments relabelling you can read more about this here.

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