Why We Don’t Offer Relabelling & Why You Should Use an Expert

Wholesale printed and embroidered garments is our core competency, we’re awesome at it. However, pre-retail garment processing (relabelling and more) is an entire industry in itself, because at a retail level it’s highly complex, and important to get right. Especially in the world of ecommerce, where you’re selling to a global market place.

You need to think about manufacturers labels in the neck, the side seam, overlock stitching, washcare labels, size pips, and so much more. And, that doesn’t even cover the legal complexities and regulations you need to adhere too (read more about legal requirements here). The care labels you see in all clothing products present a good example of the legal complexities associated with clothing; the 5 care symbols shown below are actually a trademark and the trademark is owned by GINETEX.

Because the symbols are trademarked, in some European markets companies have to pay for the right to use the symbols. The level of payment varies but in some cases is based on the number of garments sold. Therefore meaning a printer can’t just put care symbols on your product, without paying for the right to do so (something many don’t do). This is just one of the many legal elements to consider if you’re serious about your brand.

Due to these complexities, most print and embroidery companies will have a basic/limited offering when it comes to relabelling and high minimums. This is because they are not a pure play garment finishing company, nor a label manufacturer.

For these reasons we don’t offer relabelling in-house. However, all is not lost, if relabelling is essential, just let us know, we can put you in touch with a trusted supplier for labels or relabelling. These are companies dedicated to labels and relabelling, with this being their entire business – so you can rest assured they are experts in it.

Or alternatively we can ship your order directly to your own preferred local relabelling company to relabel the garments for you. Ensuring you get our award-winning services, label free.

If you’re an established brand, or taking serious steps to become one, we’d highly recommend taking the extra time to work with a dedicated label manufacturer and relabelling company.

If you’re happy to keep the manufacturers care labels in the side seam of the products but would like to avoid neck labels, and want your logo printed in the neck, we can help – head to this page here for more details.

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