Branding Inside Our Products?

Please note, all garments will have manufacturer’s branding on the labels within it somewhere.

Manufacturer branding is not removed by us as we are keen to keep our supply chain as transparent as possible. The manufacturer labels are generally small, and not visible to the outside where worn under normal conditions.

If you require a product with no branding, we suggest using products with minimal branding we suggest using a product with Tear-Out-Tags like this Bella & Canvas t-shirt. Please note even with Tear-Out-Tags, there will still be branded wash care instructions within the garment (usually in the side seam). This is the case with almost all wholesale clothing wherever you buy from. To get this removed you will likely need to use a relabelling specialist, as it’s not a service most printers offer.

You can read more about our relabelling service here.

There will be no external branding to any garment (unless stated otherwise).

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