What Print Method Will Be Used On My Order?

With the widest range of print methods available in the UK, we have something for orders of all sizes. Our expert team will generally choose the most suitable print method for your logo or design, dependent upon your artwork & quantity requirements. However, in some cases you may require a specific print method.

We only advise choosing the print method yourself if you have experience with textiles and garment printing, or have a particular finish in mind. If you have no prior experience in this field we advise leaving the print choice down to our expert team. Please note, the print method chosen is partly dependent on the quantity required, so the print method on a small/sample order may differ on that of a bulk order (read more here).

Below is an illustration of the typical print methods used.

If printing onto polyester garments, we’d likely use digital transfer printing, vinyl, or screen printing, depending on the product type & quantity.

If You Require A Specific Print Method –

If you’re after DTG Printing, Digital Transfer Printing, Vinyl or Flock Printing, when using our online shop to make your order select the ‘full colour’ option, for the number of colours in your logo (even if it’s just a one colour logo). This will adjust the price for those processes on all quantities. Please be sure to specify to the designer doing your digital mockups the process you’d like – or by default it’ll likely just be DTG printed. A designer will get in touch with you for digital mockup creation after a custom order is placed of any order size.

If you’d like screen printing for your order, please use the chart above to ensure the quantity and number of colours in your design suit this process. Again please be sure to specify to the designer doing your digital mockups the process you’d like if you specifically require this particular process – they may use a different method if they think it’s more suitable, if you don’t specify your requirements.

Pre-printed screen print samples here should you wish to test the print quality. We do not offer bespoke screen printed samples.

If ordering a quantity that will require DTG printing, you can also purchase a pre-printed sample, or alternatively you can purchase a single unit with your design in our online shop.

Embroidery has no minimum order so you can purchase single units – please note purchasing 5 or 10+ becomes far more cost effective than a single unit.

We advise against purchasing samples before calculating the price of a full order, as samples are not refundable – so it’s better to only get these after you know what you want is within your budget.

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