Print Methods Used on Samples Vs Bulk Orders

The print method chosen for your order is based on a number of variables, including your artwork & quantity requirements. Due to this we cannot guarantee the same print method will be used on a small order as a large, with the same artwork.

If printing onto polyester garments, we’d likely use digital transfer printing, vinyl, or screen printing, depending on the product type & quantity. For cotton products on smaller orders, DTG printing is likely to be used.

If you do wish to have the same print method used across each of your orders (following an initial order), please let us know.

If you are interested in our generic pre-printed screen print samples, you can purchase these here, should you wish to test the print quality. We do not offer bespoke screen printed samples. If you have any concerns we advise sending us your bulk order details including your artwork, from this we’ll be able to advise you on the print method that would likely be used for this order type.

We advise against purchasing samples before working out the full order price, as samples are not refundable – so it’s better to only get these after you know what you want is within your budget.

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