I’m not happy with my samples

We always advise purchasing samples, as they provide a great way to test the quality of fabrics and prints, as well as the fit of garments.

We have a number of pre-printed off-the-shelf garments you can purchase to check out our print quality. Additionally we offer one off sampling on sublimation printing (upon approval of a final order – see details here).

While we provide some of the best products available, in some instances the product you’ve chosen may not quite be what you wanted, or expected. This is normally down to little things like the colour or fit not being quite as required.

Due to the wholesale B2B nature of our business we’re not able to offer returns on samples.

While we understand it’s always disappointing if a sample product isn’t quite as you expected, it’s important to understand this is exactly what the sampling process is there for; it’s to pick up any issues before a bulk order.

With digitally printed items there are hundreds of variables and considerations; that vary from design to design (especially applicable for sublimation printing). Additionally some of these variables are subjective.
It’s simply not possible for us to list all of these for every single design we receive, which is why we offer bespoke sampling on these processes. Again the purpose of sampling is to ensure things come out as you require, before making a bulk purchase. For this reason we’re not able to provide a refund on the sample product if it’s not as expected.

Please note print sampling is an expensive and labour intensive process, so it’s worth getting this right first time round. Always ensure your artwork is as required and that you’re happy with all of the details.

If you have any specifics you’re concerned about before printing, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

This policy is standard across our industry and is not unique to us. While we’re confident you will be happy with our products and services, we strive to be as transparent as possible ensuring pages like these are available to address any concerns before making a purchase.

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