Quoting on small orders – how it works

Before our Online Shop we had to implement a minimum order of 25 products across the board; because it simply wasn’t economical to quote, produce and manage orders of less than this, while keeping our prices as low as they are. We tried it, and it didn’t work.

Our Online Shop has totally changed this – facilitating the ability to take on orders of any size (1 unit or 1000+). When you order through our Online Shop, we get all of your order information in one go, and our technology allows us to process your orders faster than ever.

With this in mind, if you do require a quote, your order will need to be for 10 or more products per design. If you require less than this you’ll need to order through our Online Shop. If you’re overwhelmed by choice and don’t know what to go for, then our Product Finder tool is very useful and provides product suggestions based on your specific requirements. If you need further support, just get in touch.

While this does seem like a bit of a faff for those used to getting a quote, our Online Shop is the fastest way to place an order of any size. You’ll still get the same great service and prices, additionally, every order is checked by a human before anything goes to production.

This helps ensure we can focus on giving you the best possible products, service and prints at the best prices.

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