Low Stock / Stock Outages

All product lines are regularly replenished. We strive to minimize “out of stock” periods, however periodically, especially in high season, items may be out of stock for a period of time. Our most popular product lines like our Fairtrade products and Organic products are most susceptible to this. This is […]

I’m not happy with my samples

We always advise purchasing samples, as they provide a great way to test the quality of fabrics and prints, as well as the fit of garments. We have a number of pre-printed off-the-shelf garments you can purchase to check out our print quality. Additionally we offer one off sampling on […]

Meeting Delivery Deadlines

If you need a deadline meeting we always advise booking your order in sooner rather than later – to ensure we’re able to meet your deadline. We generally advise allowing 10-14 working days lead time for production; if you have a deadline, please let us know in your order notes […]

Fairtrade ‘Neutral’ Clothing – Relabelling

All products from our Manufacturing Partner ‘Neutral’ have ‘Neutral’ branding printed in the neck area (they’re manufactured like this). Unless you’re buying in large quantities (1000+) this cannot be removed. Despite this you can still add your own woven product labels in addition to the ‘Neutral’ branding. While some of […]

Can I See a Sample at Your Offices?

Unfortunately we do not hold stock at our offices for customers to see; this is due to a variety of reasons, but the main ones are as follows: – We have access to thousands of products, each with many variations (eg colours/sizes); thereby making the holding of stock unpractical. – […]

Email Enquiries vs Phone Calls

Our sales team are always happy to discuss your needs on the phone. However it may be more suitable for them to help you by email. This is especially the case when discussing prices, as your account manager will have to calculate prices, and draw comparisons between different garments and […]

Can I Visit Your Offices?

Unfortunately it is not possible for clients to visit our offices. We have many, many customers, and a lot of ask to visit or drop things off – as I’m sure you can appreciate, if we started saying yes, we’d be spending all of our time looking after visitors, and […]