Sublimation Products Available

We have 2 dye sublimation ranges available. Dye Sublimation Fashion T-Shirts We offer dye sublimation t-shirts, designed specifically for fashion. These are printed here in the UK, and can be produced within 10-12 working days. Dye Sublimation Sportswear We offer a range of products, such as technical t-shirts, hoodies, leggings […]

Digital Mockup Accuracy & Artwork Placement

Our digital mockups are approximate representations of artwork placement and size and are not to scale. Generally due to the mass production nature of our business designs will not be scaled to each t-shirt size (unless specified otherwise on your invoice). You will have one mockup per design/style that is […]

How to reduce my my price

Some key tips to reduce your print price: Reduce Your Print Areas Reducing the size, or the number of different print areas that you have will help to reduce the price. Each print area requires a separate set of ink/transfer material. It also requires more input from a human, setting […]

Plastisol Vs Water Based Screen Printing

This is a topic that is often at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to screen printing. Are water based inks really more environmentally friendly than plastisol inks? Here at A.M. Custom Clothing we offer both, and believe both come with their merits when it comes to production, […]

Relabelling Legal Requirements

By law there are a number of details (such as the wash instructions), that must be included inside your products. If removing all manufacture labelling, please ensure you include these details on your own printed or woven labels. We cannot be held responsible if you fail to meet the legal […]

DTG Printing & Pre-Treatment – Sticky Feel

When DTG printing onto dark garments we have to use what is called a pre-treatment. This primes the garment for printing. This ensures a really vibrant durable print (applying this to dark garments is industry standard with DTG printing). If printing onto white garments, pre-treatment is not required. On really […]

Low Stock / Stock Outages

All product lines are regularly replenished. We strive to minimize “out of stock” periods, however periodically, especially in high season, items may be out of stock for a period of time. Our most popular product lines like our Fairtrade products and Organic products are most susceptible to this. This is […]