Production Queue

You’ll may sometimes hear our team talk about a ‘production queue’ or ‘print queue’, which for those of you not in the print industry, likely doesn’t mean much.
The production queue is the number of print/embroidery jobs scheduled into the production schedule. We run a continuous schedule so for the best part the machines are running jobs continuously.

Every order that is placed is added onto the end of the print queue, the queue is generally several days long.

This method helps ensure a totally fair way of scheduling, and ensures that if a big order is placed by another customer after your order they won’t be prioritised over you no matter how big or small your order is.

It’s for this reason, your order may take a several days to produce, even if it’s really small. The print time itself doesn’t generally take very long, with the ability to produce thousands of products a day, the bit that takes the time is waiting on the production queue.

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