My print or embroidery isn’t perfectly positioned

There will always be a degree of variance with printed & embroidered clothing, this is due to a number of factors which are outlined below:

Clothing products are rarely perfectly symmetrical – 

Clothes are still made & sewn together by humans, as a result they’re almost never perfectly symmetrical.  Due to manufacturing tolerances the majority of t-shirts (and other products) made are not perfectly symmetrical as far as neck and sleeve location. It is sometimes possible that your print/embroidery work is such that, even though it’s mechanically centred, it may appear visually off-center. Or conversely it may appear visually centred but be mechanically off-centre. It also depends on what the print is being lined up with, as while it may be in line with the neck, it may not be with the sleeves, as a result of the garment itself not being perfectly symmetrical.

We’ll always do our absolute best to ensure your design is as close to your position requirements as possible, but please note, there will be variance.

Movement of the garment & stretching –

Despite a lot of clever technology and tricks to ensure your garments stay in place while being printed/embroidered, there can be a degree of movement and stretching. You have to remember we’re dealing with a stretchy flimsy material (it’s not like paper or card that is more rigid – and even that can move). In turn there may be a degree of variation in print placement caused by this across your order. We use some of the most advanced print/embroidery technology alongside having numerous quality control systems in place to ensure this is minimised.

Humans print your products –

Despite delivering mass production, it’s still humans that put your products on the print plates & embroidery rings. While we use all sorts of clever technology and tricks to ensure the alignment is as close as possible to your artwork, there will always be an element of variance, this is the nature of hand made products.

Overview –

Variance is unavoidable when printing onto clothing garments. This is industry standard, so no matter where you go this will be the case.

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