Why it’s not possible to get your mockups perfectly to scale

There are a number of factors that prevent us from being able to get your mockups perfectly to scale, the 2 most prevalent factors are listed below:

1) We have access to thousands of different products. Among t-shirts alone, we have access to over 1000+ different fits and styles. With such a vast product range, it’s not possible to have a ‘to scale’ template of every single product. Therefore, as the template itself isn’t perfectly to scale, it’s not possible for the artwork positioning and size to be exactly to scale. This is industry standard.

2) You will have one mockup per design/style that is used to cater for all sizes made in the order; as you can imagine the print on an XXL will look quite different to that on an XS. Therefore, each mockup provides an indication of the final outcome, but cannot be perfectly to scale.
We generally do not provide mockups of each size individually, this is to avoid any mis-representation, as the print may look slightly different on the garment, due to the fact the mockups are not a scale version of the garment. This is industry standard.

Please note, if you have exact size or placement requirements, please provide us with the exact dimensions, so we’re able to follow these. We use the latest technology including laser placement, to ensure the most accurate results.

If you are worried about mockups being perfectly to scale, or are concerned about what dimensions to make your print work, it’s worth remembering, customers do not visit shops with a tape measure to see if your design is a certain size/position. It’s always great if you can give us the exact dimensions, but don’t let it stress you too much!

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