Why Is My Shipping So Expensive?

As we’re a wholesale based business, for smaller orders our shipping can appear a little expensive.

Our shipping costs reflect 2 factors: the price of shipping garments from the factories, and then on to you. On larger orders, these shipping prices become a lot cheaper a proportion of the order.

For example: an order of 10 Fairtrade garments may incur a shipping charge of £15 (£1.50 per garment). An order of 50 would still incur this charge of £15 (30p per garment).
Shipping prices vary across our ranges, as a result of differing logistics for each, so some ranges may be more cost effective and have faster delivery times than others.

We do not store large quantities of our products in our UK offices, as we’re keen to keep wastage down to a minimum. However, this has no impact on the quantities we are able to provide for our clients.

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