Standard Sublimation Printing Coverage & Recommendations

All-over dye sublimation printing allows us to be able to print your design onto garments with seam to seam coverage. Most sublimation garments start off white, and your design & colours are applied to this with all-over coverage.

We use some of the most advanced technology available within Europe, allowing us to achieve all-over print coverage with minimal white creases/gaps under the arms – a common problem with standard sublimation printing for retail.

Please be advised, due to the nature of sublimation printing, you may find that the print fades slightly towards the seams, and there may be some white creases under the arms this is unavoidable with sublimation printing. This is less noticeable on busier designs, such as an all-over printed photograph. This will be more obvious, where blocks of solid colour are used. This is industry standard, and our market leading technology ensures this is as minimal as possible with this print method.

Please be additionally aware that on occasions, you may find small white creases in the design. We use market leading technology to reduce this – however, this is not totally un-avoidable 100% of the time. This is industry standard, and cannot be avoided with sublimation printing.

Made-to-order sublimation sportswear is slightly different to our sublimation fashion garments. Due to the slightly different fabric composition and manufacturing process, generally you will not get fading or creases.

We are the UK’s leading all-over sublimation printing supplier; with some of the biggest brands in the UK trusting us with their sublimation printing. So you can rest assured we deliver the best quality on the market. If you’re concerned about print quality you’ll find examples of previous work here.
You will also find an example of an all-over printed t-shirt below, that started out as a white polyester t-shirt, and has been printed using sublimation printing.

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