What is the quality of your products like?

What is the quality of your products like?

The word ‘quality’ is somewhat subjective. Some may feel that a supersoft organic t-shirt is the best quality, others may think a heavy weight thick custom t-shirt is good quality and someone else may feel a lightweight but durable t-shirt is good quality. With many different interpretations of the word ‘quality’ it’s typically more effective to work out what characteristics define quality for you; is it a heavy weight, is it organic and sustainability credentials or is it something else?

All of our products are manufactured to match the standards of retail, so what you don’t have to worry about is cheap products that feel scratchy and more like a budget stag do item. This combined with our market-leading print and embroidery machinery means you can trust that your custom products will come out looking great.


What print method is best quality?

In short, there is no ‘best’ print method. Screen printing has been around for many years and has for a long time been regarded as the go to method for ‘quality’; however, digital printing has evolved greatly over the last few years. Digital print methods like DTG (or Direct-To-Garment), now easily rival the quality of screen printing, and in some instances produce better results than screen printing on highly complex designs or smaller orders.

We don’t expect our customer to be print experts and with this in mind, unless you specify otherwise we’ll select the optimal print method for your design and quantity. Ensuring you get the best results.

If you’ve been put off a particular production method due to the results you’ve seen from another print company, it’s worth noting the quality of printing is entirely down to the machines used. For context, entry-level print machines can be picked up for as little as £100, the machines we use are around £500,000 each. As you can imagine there are substantial quality differences between the two.

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