Low Stock / Stock Outages

All product lines are regularly replenished. We strive to minimize “out of stock” periods, however periodically, especially in high season, items may be out of stock for a period of time.

Our most popular product lines like our Fairtrade products and Organic products are most susceptible to this. This is due to a variety of factors including the following:

– This range is extremely popular and some of our customers buy thousands of units at a time – which can during high season wipe out stock levels very quickly.
– These products are made in the most ethical conditions, meaning unlike others we won’t have workers forced into long periods of overtime to meet demands.

As stock can only be ordered in/reserved after an order is placed and digital mockups have been approved, we unfortunately are only made aware of stock shortages at this stage in the ordering process.

Restocking can normally be done within 24 hours, direct from our suppliers – this process is accounted for in your shipping time.
But there can be occasions when your product is out of stock for a longer period of time. This is because the manufacturer themselves have no stock available either.

What happens next:

There are a few things we can do to resolve low stock issues:
1) If you really want the product and are able to wait, we can put this on back order.
2) If the order cannot wait we can swap you over to a similar alternative product.
3) If it’s just a couple of sizes missing we can swap these over to another size.
4) If you no longer wish to proceed as a result of this we can cancel your order.

We use some of the most reputable and reliable manufacturers in the industry, and in most instances the manufacturers will restock every 4-8 weeks, ensuring the chances of products going out of stock are minimised.

A.M. Custom Clothing cannot be held responsible for the stock shortages of manufacturers. We advise booking orders in as early as possible to minimise the impact of stock outages.

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