Digital Mockup Accuracy & Artwork Placement

Our digital mockups are approximate representations of artwork placement and size and are not to scale. Generally due to the mass production nature of our business designs will not be scaled to each t-shirt size (unless specified otherwise on your invoice).
You will have one mockup per design/style that is used to cater for all sizes made in the order; as you can imagine the print on an XXL will look quite different to that on an XS. Therefore, each mockup provides an indication of the final outcome, but cannot be perfectly to scale

If you have specific measurements you’d like each design, let us know. This will help ensure we get the print and embroidery work at the size you desire.
If you would like the design to be a very specific distance from the neck line etc, again please provide us with this information.

Most customers do not require design work to be placed to exact measurements, and therefore an approximation is adiqute and industry standard.

If you are concerned or worried about the positioning and need it to be very accurate, please provide exact measurements for us to match.

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