Is DTG Printing Durable

If done right, and using the best machinery, DTG printing can be very durable.

The image below on the left was taken straight after the T-shirt was printed. The image on the right is a photo of the same T-shirt taken over a year later (after being worn and washed regularly for a full year – at least 20 washes).

While there are some slight differences due to the lighting and angle being slightly different, it’s clear to see that the print quality is still almost exactly the same as it was after being printed, having been worn and washed.

If you’ve had DTG printing in the past and it’s not been high quality or durable, don’t be deterred from this process, it’s likely down to inferior machinery or lack of print expertise. When using A.M. Custom Clothing you can rest assured we use market-leading print machinery combined with years of print experience.

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