Considerations & Limitations When Relabelling

Whether you’re adding printed labelling, or even your own woven labels, relabelling can be quite a complex process. In order to ensure you get everything as you would like it we strongly suggest reading all of this page before proceeding with re-labelling.

Removing Existing Labels:
Nearly all blank wholesale clothing products come with some kind of manufacturer labelling, that you may wish to remove. There are a couple of ways to do this, there is cut & sew relabelling, where the supplier simply cuts the label off and then sticks a replacement over the top. Or alternatively there is unpick and sew; this is where the manufacturer labelling is professionally unpicked, and a new label is either printed in the neck or stitched under the neck seam. We only offer unpick and sew – ensuring the best retail quality relabelling. Please note while we are not the cheapest for relabelling, we feel this reflects our retail level quality. If you need professional looking results, we can deliver.

Side Seam Labels:
A number of blank wholesale garments will come with wash instructions in the side seam, you may also find manufacturer branding placed here as well. If selling for retail you may wish to have this removed removing all traces of the manufacturer. We offer overlock stitching when removing side seam labels ensuring the garment is stitched back together professionally; ensuring a neat, durable, retail ready finish.
We always suggest purchasing a sample product before a bulk order so you can work out where the wash labels are and any labels you wish to remove.
Please note if removing manufacturers wash instructions/labels they will need replacing, any replacement woven or printed labels need to be designed in alignment with the legal requirements.

What Labels are in Products:
We have access to over 17,000+ products, and do not hold much stock on site; therefore in some instances we will not be able to let you know where the labelling is located inside a product. We will need to contact the manufacturer to find this information for you. It can take several days to hear back from busy manufacturers, so please be patient if we do have to look into this for you.
If you need a quick answer, we suggest purchasing a sample product as you can then check out all of the internal labelling for yourself.

Legal Requirements:
By law there are a number of details (such as the wash instructions), that must be included inside your products. If removing all manufacture labelling, please ensure you include these details on your own printed or woven labels. We cannot be held responsible if you fail to meet the legal requirements with your labelling.

Size of Text:
If printing or creating woven labels, please ensure you consider how legible the typeface is when printed small and the size. We always suggest ensuring type is no smaller than 9pt, and a clear typeface is selected for all product details; ensuring maximum legibility.

Size Pips / Product Size:
If using woven labels, you’ll also need to purchase size pips, these are the little labels that have your product sizes on. This ensures you and your customer know the product size.

If printing labels, we suggest also printing the size label. Please note, when printing individual size labels prices will increase – through printing in one colour and having few size combinations you’ll be able to keep pricing lower. We will need an exact size breakdown to calculate accurate pricing when providing printed size labels.
If printing onto white, please ensure the printed label is not too big/bold as this may show through the garment.

Printed Labels In Products:
Some of our Fairtrade garments and sportswear products have printed manufacturer labelling within, this cannot be removed (unless purchasing large volumes eg. 1000+). Please check with your account manager if your product has printed labelling if you are considering adding your own branding.

Purchasing Samples:
We always advise purchasing a sample garment first, for you to be able to see the labelling on the product first hand, samples are non-refundable.

Minimum Orders:
You can read more about minimum orders for relabelling here.

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